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What We Do

We are a digital innovation consultancy bringing a fresh new perspective to digital marketing.
With a seasoned understanding of the evolving digital landscape and agile marketing processes, it’s in our DNA to watch trends and glean deep-rooted insights from your marketing ecosystem. These insights will allow you to re-craft your marketing mix, processes and tech stack and boost your digital impact, ultimately improving your bottom line. Discovering and delivering a game plan is only a small part of what we do. Educating and assisting cross-functional teams to take the game plan and run with it is the bigger part.

Our approach

Our guiding principles

  • Data-Driven – With the huge stockpiles of data now available to us, we need to be mindful and strategic about how we put it to use. We are strong proponents of leveraging AI and machine learning to deliver a one-to-one experience to your customer through all touchpoints of their journey with your brand.

  • Agile – Digital teams should be small, agile and made of up of diverse people – creative, technical, business-minded…By staying aligned with the latest trends in the digital landscape, and being customer-centric, you increase your corporate metabolism. Improving speed-to-market and making teams more productive are amongst the many benefits. Agile marketing methodology is at the core of this process. It’s a way of life.

  • People – Our team members have a wide range of skills and backgrounds not just in the digital marketing space, but also in the business, analytics, training and management arenas. They are seasoned in the art and science of guiding marketing groups to develop agile strategies so they can work smarter not harder. Our team members understand the importance of setting your team members up for success by turning them on to an innovation mindset.

  • Roadmap – Nothing can replace the peace of mind of having a documented strategy. Helping and guiding businesses to start from the ground up to develop that written strategy, is the key to success. From content marketing to search optimization to the marketing technology stack and beyond, we’re strong proponents of memorializing the game-plan from the get-go.

Agile marketing

Prioritization to boost productivity
Faster turnaround & speed-to-market
Iterative & adaptive processes
Cross-functional teams

Tech stack

Marketing automation
Conversion optimization


Competitive intelligence
Quantitative & qualitative analysis
Advanced segmentation
Omni-channel attribution


Customer experience

Customer journey modeling
Persona development
Audience segmentation
Customer surveys
Advocate program creation

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“Innovation needs to be part of your culture. Consumers are transforming faster than we are, and if we don’t catch up, we’re in trouble.”


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Without our partners, we wouldn’t exist. Select partnerships with best-in-class experts in their field of marketing, analytics and management is what makes 813 Digital Marketing a powerhouse consultancy. Here’s to those indispensable partnerships!

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