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The term “agile marketing” is often used loosely. We’re proponents of Agile marketing (with a capital ‘A’). To learn more about the distinction, read our article on an Introduction to Agile Marketing.

Agile marketing is, in our experience, a much more efficient way of running modern marketing processes than the traditional Waterfall method.


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Rather than following the long development cycle where a project or campaign could take months to complete and testing happens as one isolated process, Agile marketing is based on short, rapid learning cycles. The key features of Agile result in:

1. Working smarter, not harder

2. Cross-functional teams

3. Iterative, data-driven cycles

Each iteration (or sprint) will typically be anywhere from 7 to 30 days at the end of which the aim is to have a minimum viable product that you will launch and test for performance.

Our certified practitioners have a wealth of experience in setting up the optimal Agile infrastructure to meet the unique needs of your business ecosystems. Your team will receive the training and mentoring they need to be up and running with Agile in no time.

The benefits of our approach allow you to have customer-driven engagement in the overall marketing effort, high levels of collaboration within your cross-functional teams and laser-focused work cycles that allow you to learn quickly, measure and adjust.

Here are some of the many positive comments our clients have had after transforming to Agile:

testimonials“Agile has been a hugely empowering experience to all members of our marketing team. The fear of failure has been eradicated and each team member has taken on level of accountability that they never did before.”

“Raising our game to incorporate Agile marketing has transformed the way we focus. Our team is much happier and more engaged in their daily tasks. The customer is now the center of everything we do and being able to constantly prioritize, test and optimize our digital strategies has rewarded us with a substantial increase in ROI.”

“Agile strategy has encouraged a much stronger collaboration between, the marketing and IT departments with the result that we’ve been able to roll out much quicker iterations to our search and display campaigns. We’ve almost doubled our landing pages’ average conversion rate over a 3 month period and have decreased our average CPA by 37%!”

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