The Agile Marketer

Roland Smart is the VP of Social and Community Marketing at Oracle and is a thought-leader in Agile marketing. In this well-structured book, he addresses the challenge of marketing modernization through the use of Agile and other tactics. Smart sprinkles in plenty of real-life examples of how companies are innovating and even disrupting their industries using Agile techniques.

From understanding the marketing technology stack, to the importance of collaboration between marketing, sales and IT departments, to understanding the buyer’s ‘digital body language’, Smart covers many of the foundational elements that must be in place for an Agile approach to be truly effective.

Explaining the common variations of Agile methodology such as Scrum, Kanban and XP, Roland Smart, with his strong experience in start-up companies, goes on to discuss common objections to Agile and how to overcome them. A chapter dedicated to the Agile Marketing Manifesto provides a valuable anchor-point to the cornerstone principles of Agile.

Particularly insightful are:

  • His use of a ‘cupcake’ analogy to illustrate the minimum viable product concept and the profoundly iterative nature of the Agile approach
  • His stress on the importance of aligning the 10,000 foot view (long term strategy) with the in-the-trenches ground level strategy (customer journey)
  • The similarities of Agile and growth hacking
  • The collaborative economy and how it coincides with Agile

A very thorough and cerebral portrayal of modern marketing concepts as they relate to Agile!


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