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What is digital transformation?

Is it the enhanced use of technology? Using digital to provide a hyper-focused customer experience? A cultural shift within your organization?

Here’s the latest definition from [email protected]:

The investment in and development of new technologies, mindsets, and business and operational models to improve work and competitiveness and deliver new and relevant value for customers and employees in an ever-evolving digital economy.

There are some myths about digital transformation which are important to dispel:

Digital Transformation Myths

We see it as a change in the way you do things within your marketing ecosystem which also affects the other business ecosystems in your organization. Here are some of the elements that, we believe, make up a true digital transformation:

  • Discovering new business frontiers of value
  • Learning how your competitors are leveraging these new frontiers
  • Learning how you can use them to improve your business
  • Full awareness of IoT – Internet of Things – and how it will affect your business
  • Looking within and outside your sector for new, innovative ways of doing business
  • Understanding your customer behaviors and expectations to deliver the best experience possible using digital technology and innovation
  • Anticipating your customers’ future needs
  • Omni-channel marketing – seamless touchpoints, frictionless experience
  • Staying ahead of trends – social media, big data, voice search, chatbots, automation, machine learning, AI
  • Using data and advanced analytics effectively and with agility

As you can see, there are many facets to the ultimate digital transformation.

How is it tied to digital disruption?

Companies like Uber, Airbnb, Amazon, Tesla are all disruptors. Why? Because they broke down conventional ways of doing things, saw opportunity where no-one else did, and used digital channels and technology to create a brand and a product that meets and often exceeds the expectations of their consumers.

This type of digital innovation requires forward-thinking and insightfulness which is often best gleaned by an outside perspective.

We relish the opportunity of being the force that guides your organization through its own unique digital transformation, and so we’ve developed a brand of innovation consulting that will ease your marketing department through the process with nothing but positive impact…leaving you in a position to continue to thrive within the circles of true digital innovators.

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