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1. Our initial conversation will allow us to get a good grasp on what your short-term and long-term marketing goals are, what your current strategy looks like and how mature your digital marketing practices and processes are.

2. We will then draw up a complimentary executive summary of high impact, actionable recommendations that will boost your marketing engine.

3. If you decide to partner with us, the first step will be a discovery phase where we will perform an in-depth analysis of your campaigns and data. Our team will personally visit your organization to conduct interviews with key stakeholders, examine your marketing stack and processes and understand your customers and competition.

Based on our findings, we will present a detailed portfolio of recommendations that will take your marketing agility and effectiveness to the next level and leverage our best-in-class team practitioners and vendor partners to assist in executing the plan!

The Marketing Puzzle

As a CMO/marketing executive, you should have already begun steering your organization towards a complete digital transformation and be well-versed with the underlying technology that will drive this transformation.
However, in speaking with CMOs and marketing executives from all over the world and, supported by various independent surveys conducted by organizations such as The Boston Consulting Group, Cap Gemini Consulting, Forrester and others, it’s becoming evident that marketing executives – even though they’re ready to make the digital transformation – are finding it challenging to actually put it into practice. It’s this challenge that keeps CMOs up at night.

Let’s take a look at some essentials of digital transformation that you’re addressing right now, and what we can do to ease the process.

CMO Challenges

Agile marketing

Streamlining your marketing processes to work smarter and not harder is at the forefront of your priorities. Improving cross-functional communication within your team and business departments to improve productivity and revenue is a must-do proposition.

We’ve found that introducing Agile principles into marketing departments that use legacy, waterfall methods, has resulted in astounding improvements. From small startups to large corporations and everything in between, the transition to an Agile system has undeniably been beneficial.

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Consumer Experience

How to keep the consumer engaged and the consumer experience friction-free…this has become the perennial challenge for marketers in today’s age of inbound marketing.

The consumer is now in the driver’s seat and marketers must address their needs with laser-sharp precision or else fail. Sharing your consumers’ feedback across your entire organization is crucial to success. This will trigger ‘Aha’ moments across your departments that will help to drive the marketing effort.

With our expertise in one-to-one personalization using buyer personas, segmentation of target audiences, qualitative analysis, and most notably AI and machine learning technology, we’re here to guide you through the maze of consumer engagement, from the awareness phase all the way through to retention, loyalty and advocacy.

Big Data

Dealing with all the rapid-fire changes in marketing – especially digital – is another major concern you, as a CMO or marketing executive, are all too familiar with. How will you put all the available data and real-time technology (such as programmatic buying) to use? We’re confident that the answer to this is deeply-rooted in hiring and retaining the right talent and maintaining a seamless martech stack.

Experienced data analysts, seasoned in the data science and advanced analytics are hard to come by. Especially those skilled in emerging technologies such as machine learning and deep learning. The need for best-in-class analytics personnel is becoming more and more acute, and you risk falling behind your competitors if you’re not addressing this issue today. We can help.

Ensuring your marketing stack is optimally integrated and road-mapped is an effort we stand behind. Marketing is becoming increasingly scientific and understanding how to deploy the latest tools is paramount.

“Most brands and marketers only utilize 15% of technologies and capabilities they are already paying for, so the focus should not be in the number of technologies that need to adopted, but in “applying” them to solve business needs and changing consumer behaviors.”— Mayer Gupta, Global Head, Marketing Technology & Innovation, Kimberly-Clark

Source: The CMO Solution Guide to Leveraging New Technology and Marketing Platforms

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Marketing Innovation and Cross Channel Marketing

Solving the attribution piece of the puzzle across the vast array of online and offline touchpoints is part and parcel of the CMO’s dilemma. How are you planning to leverage marketing innovation to stay on the leading edge of the Marketing Game?

Once you develop your optimal attribution model and put your digital innovation strategy into action, what kind of marketing effectiveness analytics will you use to measure progress?

Our diagnostic analysis of your business model will glean important insights into the factors that drive your cross-channel and innovative marketing strategies, and we’ll be able to develop a concrete plan for measuring their effectiveness.

Marketing Strategy

What to Expect

Quickly assimilating what makes your marketing department tick and recognizing what we can do to fine-tune it, is the cornerstone of what we do.

The necessity to demonstrate tangible ROI to the board of directors/stakeholders is our primary focus in all of this. The steps involved to reach what we like to call “Digital Nirvana” are:


Initial diagnostic/discovery phase –  may be short or extended depending on the size and type of your business:

  • First and foremost comes a comprehensive consultation and deep-dive analysis to understand the intricacies of your marketing ecosystem.
  • We will evaluate your current methodology and processes, KPIs, marketing technology stack, release cycles, department and team infrastructure.


Produce a detailed, prescriptive report on our findings:

  • Identify KPIs and create a KPI scorecard which will be reviewed weekly, monthly and quarterly.  
  • Persona and target audience reports using quantitative and qualitative analysis.
  • Competitive report and industry benchmarks.
  • Restructured, streamlined marketing technology stack.
  • Growth opportunity report

We will then democratize this report across the organization.

Execution & Training

Our final recommendation and training program will be based on an Agile formula. If you’re already implementing Agile marketing, we’ll streamline it. If not, we’ll introduce it in segments, first as a pilot program, to ease your workflow into it.

Our deployment team will be a bespoke mix of expert practitioners in data management, advanced analytics, consumer insights and other disciplines. They will be placed on-site to support your team – and as an extension of it – to deliver training as well as implement relevant technologies and communications. We’re big proponents of making all team members digitally conversant and bringing everyone up to speed on digital innovation.

Instilling agility into your company culture will be the initial goal because that’s the starting point for all of our programs. We’ll prescribe the best method to implement this – whether it be Scrum, Kanban, or a combination of them, using physical whiteboard and sticky notes, Google Docs, Jira, Trello….whatever fits best into your unique mix.

We’ve created a short online Digital Marketing Performance Evaluation that can be taken by any marketing professional looking to get an assessment on how advanced their digital marketing department is. And best of all, it’s FREE! Got 5 minutes to spare? Take the evaluation now!

Take Evaluation
Digital Marketing Performance Matrix

Ultimate Vision

Silo Busting

Knocking down the silos – the ubiquitous cliché – and keeping departments perfectly aligned is the focus. It’s an ever-moving, ever-evolving process. Creating mixed-skilled teams and putting those teams’ resources into building a minimum viable product as quickly as possible, is the core of what we aim to do.


Failure is acceptable and expected, and is a catalyst for growth and improvement. We’ll help remove the fear of failure.

Eliminating bottlenecks and wasted time, we put in place a working system that empowers creative, sales, digital and customer service teams, to collaborate more and make decisions on-the-fly based on prioritization rules. Creating excellent and seamless customer experiences with iterative Agile, and allowing the marketing team to react to what is working and continue the effort behind that success – that’s the cornerstone of our philosophy.

Enabling Change

The end goal is to meet the short-term and long-term financial objectives you’ve projected without getting bogged down in the traditional top-down marketing processes or status-quo of your organization’s hierarchy.

The removal of barriers with a guiding coalition makes way for change and growth, and we provide the leadership, support and vision to do this.

It’s about delivering innovation, not just talking about it.

As a pioneering CMO, you’re ready for the challenge.

Time to educate, collaborate and innovate.

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Your information will never be shared with 3rd parties. Ever!