Why Cracker Barrel is So Successful

The other Sunday, I was out shopping with my son and husband and we saw that there was a Cracker Barrel in the plaza. Feeling a little peckish after shopping (as one does), we all thought it would be a good idea to pop in and have a bite to eat. We’ve eaten at Cracker Barrel many times – usually mid-roadtrip at several Florida locations and a couple of locations in Atlanta and Tennessee – and we’ve always enjoyed the food, ambiance and hospitality.

As we stepped onto the familiar porch of this Wesley Chapel location, with its friendly rocking chairs and wooden deck, and walked into the welcoming ambiance of the gift shop where we’d spent many a time perusing the array of old country speciality merchandise, we noticed how busy it was (even at the 4 o’clock hour). So we asked ourselves “Why do people love Cracker Barrel so much?”

We ended up concluding that it’s because they really do care about their customers.

Here’s a compilation of reasons Cracker Barrel is a prime example of a brand that has perfected the recipe (no pun intended) of brand messaging and customer experience:

    • Consistent sensory experience across all physical locations – each and every Cracker Barrel restaurant is set up with the same familiar layout and decor. If you’ve visited one you know them all –  where the gift shop is, where the restrooms are, that there’s always a Triangle Peg Board Game to play on, and a cozy fireplace to sit by – it’s like coming home…or going to grandma’s!
    • Consistent customer service and product experience across restaurants – never have we had a bad service experience or a bad food experience at Cracker Barrel. We’ve always been greeted with a friendly smile at the entrance, our server has always been the epitomy of hospitality and the food has always been piping hot and delicious.
    • Brand-consistent website experience – their website is just as warm and welcoming as their restaurants, providing a frictionless omnichannel experience. Menus, locations, compelling company history and even online shopping are all there and easy to access both on desktop and mobile versions.
    • Hyper-focused social media channels – their Facebook page is a smorgasbord of mouthwatering meal offerings with photos, videos, inspiring quotations and other media (like the video of the disappearing peach cobbler). But the thing that promotes their product more than anything is the customer feedback – comment after comment of Cracker Barrel worship:

I love sweet potatoes with cinnamon, butter and brown sugar…

This is my most favorite meal in the world from Cracker Barrel but unfortunately out of my reach for now! The picture makes my mouth water!!!!

The best breakfast place in the country when you’re on the road. At any time.

Their Pinterest and Instagram pages are chock-full of heartwarming, colorful photos of their food and products – featuring kids, holiday themes, clever quotes and video clips.

Cracker Barrel Social Media

And finally, their Twitter description really sums up their mantra and the reason they’ve hit such home-run  –  “Eat. Shop. Relax. Pleasing People since 1969.”


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