“Digital marketing” is a term almost everyone on the planet has heard of. It’s probably the most-used phrase in the marketing industry. Why? Because the world has gone digital at such a rapid rate.


Digital Marketing
Google Trends search popularity of the term “digital marketing” over time


Marketing is and always will be about getting the right message to the right people at the right time – clichéd though that sounds. And in a society of smartphones, tablets, mobile apps, social media, live streaming – achieving this goal means marketers need to focus increasingly on digital media. Gone are the days of blasting out interruptive messages via TV commercials, or bombarding entire cities with direct mailers  – methods sometimes referred to as “spray and pray”.

If we want a fighting chance at solving the modern marketing puzzle, our marketing mix needs to embrace digital media as the preferred means of reaching our target audience.

Smartphone Usage

However, as the world has switched to digital for consuming its information, isn’t the phrase “digital marketing” redundant?

Isn’t it a given that marketing is digital?  (highlight to tweet)

I wonder if, in 5 years, the line graph above will tell a different story.  Will we see a downtick in the popularity of the search query “digital marketing”?  Not because digital marketing will no longer be a phenomenon, but simply because marketing will no longer need to be qualified as traditional or digital.

All marketing will be digital. Without digital marketing, there is no marketing at all. Period. (highlight to tweet)

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